Germany Iran's first trade partner in EU/Emphasising tapping potentials to foster Tehran-Berlin ties

Iran and Germany enjoy potentials that should be used to foster Tehran-Berlin ties in all fields, said President Rouhani while receiving the letter of credence of Germany's new Ambassador to Iran, Michael Klor-Berchtold.

Sat 31 - December 2016 - 14:29

At the meeting that was held on Saturday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani also said that Germany has always had good, old relations with Iran and Tehran welcomes further relations with Berlin.

"The level of cooperation between Iran and Germany after the JCPOA and removal of obstacles has been promoting, increasing the momentum of which needs facilitating insurance and banking relations," he added.

Dr Rouhani continued referring to the history of cooperation between major German companies and their partners in Iran, saying: "The two countries can further cooperate in technical-engineering fields, including building power plants and railroads".

Dr Rouhani also stressed developing cultural and academic cooperation, saying: "Iran and Germany have always had strong cultural ties with each other and this cooperation and cultural ties can be further developed in academic, research and art fields".

On terrorism, he said: "Protecting the stability and security of the region and fighting terrorism is important not only for the region, but also for the entire world and all countries should contribute to this issue".

At the same meeting, Ambassador Michael Klor-Berchtold said: "Berlin is determined to increase the level of cooperation with Tehran in all fields, especially modern technology".

"Germany is firmly committed to full and precise implementation of JCPOA and will use its might for full implementation of the agreement from the side of other countries," the new German ambassador said.

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