Iran welcomes deepening ties with EU, including Romania/Iran, Romania can bridge each other to access Asian, European markets

"Iran welcomes deepening ties with the European Union, including Romania, in all fields of mutual interest," said President Rouhani while receiving the letter of credence of Romania's new Ambassador to Iran, Adrian Kozjacski.

Sat 31 - December 2016 - 12:22

At the meeting that took place on Saturday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani added: "The Islamic Republic of Iran and Romania have ample opportunities and potentials to develop ties that should be tapped".

Iran and Romania can bridge each other to access Asian and European markets, continued the President, adding: "Romania can act as a gate for the Islamic Republic of Iran to enter Europe through the Black Sea and Romania, in turn, can access Asian and Middle Eastern markets easier and faster through Iran".

Stressing more cooperation between the two countries in the fields of industry, energy and agriculture, Dr Rouhani added: "Iranian and Romanian private sectors have ample potentials to work together".

Referring to key contracts between Iran and European countries, he also said: "Romania can boost banking and insurance cooperation as well to make the best use of the post-JCPOA opportunities".

There is no obstacle on the path of developing Tehran-Bucharest ties, said the President adding: "It is essential that the two countries further deepen their ties not only in political and economic fields, but also in cultural, scientific and research, and academic fields".

At the same meeting, Ambassador Adrian Kozjacski said that Bucharest was determined to promote ties with Tehran in all fields of mutual interest.

"Iran and Romania have very good opportunities to deepen cooperation and ties that should make the best use of," he continued.

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