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President at the specialised meeting of the community of supervision and inspection of the government, ministries, organisations and local governments:

Politics should not be involved in inspection, supervision/Restoring social capital, public confidence the key responsibility of supervisory bodies

"One of the important tasks of inspection and supervision is restoring social capital and public confidence," said President Rouhani at the specialised meeting of the community of supervision and inspection of the government, ministries, organisations and local governments.

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Wed 28 - December 2016 - 10:14

He also said: "Supervision and inspection is of key importance in the Islamic Republic and, basically, if any kind of authority and power in a political system is not accompanied by some kind of inspection and supervision, it is very likely to be involved in dishonesty and corruption".

"The greatest asset of the Islamic Republic of Iran is its social capital and our power comes from people's power," said Dr Rouhani adding: "Regarding some multimillion-dollar cases, people should be given an answer because if this does not happen, public trust and social capital will be lost".

Raising the question of "How did the $3bn embezzlement happen in the previous government's tenure with all these supervisory bodies?" the President also said: "From the very first day of investigating into the case, I suggested that the case be investigated by the Ministry of Intelligence before him being handed over to the judiciary to clear things up more before going to the court".

"Violation of the law by a group is more important than that of an individual; these things should be clearly explained to people," he added.

He continued: "Any chief inspection should eventually lead to amending the law and improving its processes," adding: "Inspections should focus more on root causes in amending the laws and its practices".

Investigating a case should result in the criminal disciplined and preventing the crime from happening again, he said adding: "The judiciary should be trusted among people for its honesty. The judiciary should act in a way that prevents crimes from happening".

"Justice is above religion, ethnicity and factions", Dr Rouhani went on to say.

He also said the question of "Why are some media left free to publish false accusations?". He continued: "Moral decline happens in a society in which some people become happy with sins and lies".

"It is necessary in the inspection process to observe privacy and not disclosing the sin," the President also said.

Fighting corruption without any discrimination is an essential condition for correcting economy, morality and unity, he said adding: "Every violator of the law should be treated equally when it comes to violating people's rights".

The President also continued: "We need public supervision more; people should be involved in supervision". The biggest power for fighting corruption is public supervision, he added.

Let's abandon the disagreements and join hands in solving people's problems, he also said.

"The aim of presenting the Charter on Citizens' Rights was to let people demand their rights from branches of the political system and institutions," said Dr Rouhani.

news id: 97073

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