Implementing agreements, facilitating private sectors' coop. to deepen Tehran-Yerevan ties/Stressing efforts to make joint commission of cooperation more active

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran met with the Prime Minister of Armenia on Wednesday and stressed that Iranian and Armenian authorities should attempt to promote the level of ties and inclusive cooperation between the two countries.

Wed 21 - December 2016 - 17:02

In the meeting that was held in Armenian capital, Yerevan, Dr Rouhani referred to Aras Free Zone as an opportunity for developing ties between Iran and Armenia.

He added: "In addition to implementation of agreements, we should prepare the groundwork for closer relations between Chambers of Commerce of the two countries and encourage investors and private sectors to deepen ties and promote cooperation".

He also underscore that more efforts should be made to make joint commission of cooperation more active, adding: "Implementing agreements and facilitating private sectors' cooperation will deepen Tehran-Yerevan ties".

At the same meeting, he Prime Minister of Armenia, Karen Karapetyan also expressed happiness over President Rouhani's visit to Armenia and expressed willingness to develop cooperation between the two countries in various economic, political and trade fields.

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