Developing Tehran-Moscow consultation, cooperation in helping Syrian people essential/Slamming West's inattention to Syrian people under terrorists' oppression

Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation had a telephone conversation late on Monday and discussed the most important bilateral, regional and international issues.

Mon 19 - December 2016 - 19:51

During the conversation, Dr Rouhani stressed the need for Iranian and Russian governments to support the Syrian people during the current hard times, adding: "It is very important that the Syrian people feel that they are not alone in their fight against terrorism".

Slamming on the West's inattention towards the innocent people in Syria who are under the terrorists' oppression, he said that Tehran and Moscow should further deepen their consultation and cooperation in this regard and continue delivering medicine and food supply to the Syrian people and also encourage other countries to send these kinds of aids.

 President Rouhani also welcomed the meeting of the foreign ministers of Iran, Turkey and Russia in Moscow and said that the meeting can contribute to the three countries' more cooperation in helping the Syrian people.

At the same conversation, President of Russia, Vladimir Putin also said that driving terrorists out of Aleppo, and restoring the Syrian government's sovereignty in the city was successful and stressed that Tehran and Moscow should continue consulting and cooperating in this regard.

"The international community, including Iran and Russia, is responsible to protect the Syrian people and continue sending aid to them in the current hard times," said Putin, emphasising backing the Syrian people and sending them humanitarian aid.

He also said that it was essential to provide the civilians and defenceless people in other parts of Syria with humanitarian aid.

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