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President at Supreme Leader’s meeting with foreign guests, officials and people:

No way except synergy to save Islamic World/Regional crises a conspiracy against Muslims’ unity, dignity/Gov’t committed to make Resistive Economy realised

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has- and will stand by oppressed nations and against terrorism,” said President Rouhani at Supreme Leader’s meeting with foreign guests, officials and people on Saturday.

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Sat 17 - December 2016 - 20:18

In the meeting that was held on the advent of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Imam Sadiq’s (PBUH) birthday, Dr Rouhani added: “There is no way except for synergy to save the Islamic World”.

The Islamic Republic of Iran considers existing crises and the new ones in the region as a conspiracy against Muslims’ unity and greatness, said Rouhani adding: “What is important for us in the framework of Islamic World’s dignity, wisdom and expediency, is decreasing threats and increasing opportunities and capacities; and we can resolve the issues by standing by each other and reach a point where we can show Islam’s power to the world, and that day will not be far”.

“It is surprising that until yesterday, the enemies of Islam were attacking Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) dignity and harassing his followers, but unfortunately, today some have promoted violence and terror in society, claiming to be a follower of the Prophet, and are falsely introducing the Prophet and the religion of mercy as the prophet and religion of violence,” added Rouhani.

He continued: “It is surprising that some Islamic governments are dissatisfied with the victory of the nation and the government which fights terrorism, as if they are concerned about Iraqi and Syrian people and armies’ victory over murderer terrorists”.

More security and welfare in the Islamic community is an honour for the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr Rouhani added, saying: “Today, we are witnessing that some Islamic governments are concerned about terrorists’ destiny instead of the oppressed Syrian people and the injured civilians in Aleppo”.

The President also went on saying: “The satisfying figures published in Central Bank’s report, showing 7.4% economic growth in the first half of the current year, decrease in social harms and increase in our youths’ faith in the base of religion and spirituality in Ramadan month and passion towards the progeny of the Prophet in Muharram month are beholden to the Supreme Leader’s guidance”.

news id: 96837

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