Both Shia Crescent, Sunni Triangle false; Shias and Sunnis are brothers/Violence against Islam; be it from any religion or ethnicity/Enemies’ goal to promote despair, kill opportunities of the Islamic societies/Wake the youth, sow the seeds of unity among them

Calling on all Muslims to exercise brotherhood and unity by resorting to Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) teachings, President Rouhani said: “Attracting the Muslim youths to false beliefs is the biggest conspiracy”.

Thu 15 - December 2016 - 11:44

Speaking at 30th Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran, Dr Rouhani added: “Both Shia Crescent and Sunni Triangle are false; Shias and Sunnis are brothers and follow Islam and Prophet Muhammad’s way of thinking”.
The goal of the enemies is to promote despair and kill opportunities of the Islamic societies, said Rouhani adding: “The goal of the Zionist Regime and those who shed blood in the region is killing Muslim youths’ hope but they themselves will soon be struggling with despair”.
He continued: “Fallujah and Aleppo have been liberated and, in near future, the entire Iraqi and Syrian soil will be liberated”.
If the major world powers and some dictating and dependent governments think that they can advance their goals by using terrorist groups, they are in a big mistake, he said.
Rouhani added: “We will bring back the days of brotherhood among all Islamic countries and mass unity against the Zionist Regime”.
The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on saying: “Being a united society means relying on God, instead of the U.S and the U.K.”.
He also stated: “Today, the big responsibility of giving awareness to people is on distinguished Muslim figures’ shoulders”.
The Prophet advised Muslims to be united and live peacefully alongside other religions, said the President adding: “The late Imam [Khomeini] used to say that it is American Islam that is standing against Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) pure Islam”.
“Shia and Sunni have maintained their independence through unity against colonialism and division,” he said.
Referring to the true Islamic principles, he continued: “We are proud of a Jihad which is based on Quran’s logic”.
Rouhani also posed the question: “Is it even possible to shed blood and kill innocent people and, at the same time, claim to be a follower of Prophet of Islam?” adding: “We recognise only a Jihad which means defence, resisting against tyranny and defending Islam and Muslims’ esteem”.
Attracting the Muslim youths to false beliefs is the biggest conspiracy, he said adding: “Is there any catastrophe bigger than that some Muslims are holding a grudge against each other instead of the aggressor Zionist Regime?”
At the beginning of his speech, Dr Rouhani congratulated Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday and said: “Without a doubt, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the most influential man in human history”.
‘Prophet was the messenger of monotheism, morality and disposing of idols and arrogance”, continued the President adding: “Monotheism means unity in the society under the flag of ‘There is no god except Allah’”.
Stating that Islam completes its preceding religions, Dr Rouhani said: “Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us the lesson of respecting all Abrahamic religions”.
Islam has ordered us to be united with all monotheistic religions, said Rouhani. He went on saying: “Violence is against Islam; be it from the side of any religion or ethnicity”.
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