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President at the meeting of high-ranking delegations of Iran and Indonesia:

Tehran determined to cement ties with Jakarta/Iranian companies ready to have more active role in Indonesia/Stressing further development of banking relations/We are ready to provide energy for Indonesia

"Iran welcomes developing the level of economic, political, cultural and scientific ties with Indonesia and is ready to provide energy for Indonesia," said President Rouhani at the meeting of high-ranking delegations of Iran and Indonesia on Wednesday.

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"Attempting to develop banking ties, achieving preferential tariffs and direct commerce can be very effective in developing economic ties and this will be beneficial to both nations," said President Rouhani.

He added: "If state and private banks establish closer ties with each other, we can witness faster development of commercial ties and joint ventures".

The President went on referring to Iranian companies' capabilities and willingness to work in Indonesia and said: "Various Iranian companies, especially in the field of energy, oil, gas and water and technical and engineering services, are ready to show their capabilities in Indonesia".

Stressing further cultural, scientific and research cooperation, he said: "Iran and Indonesia have myriad cultural commonalities and both nations have a very close interpretation and understanding of moderate Islam".

Tehran and Jakarta should further deepen ties in regional and international fields, said Rouhani adding: "Tehran and Jakarta have common goals in defending the rights of the Palestinian people and can cooperate more in establishing security in Syria, Iraq and Yemen and delivering humanitarian aid to the people of these countries who are hit by war".

He went on expressing concerns about bad conditions of Myanmar Muslims and said: "We hope to be able to take effective steps for improving people's conditions with Indonesia's help".

"In the current situation of the region and the world, it is essential that both countries attempt to make the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation more active in dealing with the situation of the region and the problems that the Muslims of the region are facing with," Rouhani said referring to constructive cooperation between Tehran and Jakarta in international and Islamic communities.

At the same meeting, the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo also stressed his country's willingness to further develop ties with Iran, saying: "We believe that in the current conditions after the JCPOA, there is a great opportunity for developing commercial and investment cooperation that we should make the best use of".

Expressing satisfaction over Iranian companies' activities in Indonesia, especially in the field of constructing refineries, he said: "Indonesia welcomes more activities and cooperation of Iranian companies".

Indonesia is determined to develop extensive banking relations with Iran, said the President of Indonesia.

On regional cooperation, including fighting extremism and terrorism, he said: "Jakarta has always emphasised constructive dialogue as the only way for solving regional issues and sustainable peace".

He also said that Indonesia is willing to cooperate with Iran in the field of non-oil products, especially textile, paper and plastic.

news id: 96812

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