Agriculture the main base of national power, independence/JCPOA's implementation mourning day for Zionist Regime and a country in the region/Boosting products by 20m tonnes in 3 years the result of farmers' hard work, careful planning by authorities

Farmers are the main base of providing food security in our country and society and the government supports agriculture and farmers despite hardships, said President Rouhani at a celebration marking harvest festival.

Mon 12 - December 2016 - 10:36

During the celebration that was held on Monday before noon, Dr Rouhani said: "The government considers self-reliance in good products a strategy in agriculture sector".

"Increasing products by 20 million tonnes in three years is the result of our farmers' hard work and careful planning by the authorities," he added, saying: "Sustainable agriculture depends on conservation of soil, water and the environment, said the President".

Stating that if food security is undermined in a country, enemies can put the nation under a lot of pressure, Dr Rouhani said: "The late Imam [Khomeini] always used to emphasise agriculture and food products, and today, the Supreme Leader also attached great weight to this issue and considers it one of the most important priorities".

Farmers work along with God's creation, he said adding: "Agriculture is the main base of national power and independence of our country".

"The day JCPOA was implemented, the Zionist Regime and another country in the region went into mourning," he went on saying.

He further mentioned the latest achievements in oil market and said: "Increased oil production in OPEC meeting contributed to our national authority".

We have been successful in agricultural production and buying airplanes and, God willing, we will be successful in other issues, said the President, adding: "Our pious, hopeful and united will overcome all difficulties".

He added: "When the government started its term of office, the wheat reserve of one of the provinces was only enough for three days".

"[Agriculture Minister] Mr Hojjati is one of the very pious, professional, sincere and hardworking ministers of the cabinet," he added, saying that independence in strategic agricultural products was one of the first and foremost goals of the 11th government.

We prefer continued growth over temporary one, said Rouhani adding: "During the hard year of low oil prices, we achieved 5.4% growth rate in agriculture sector".

He continued saying: "Good steps that have started in agriculture are very valuable and we will continue along the current right path that has been chosen for agriculture".

"Increasing agricultural production during low rainfall and decreased production rate indicates that efficiency has improved in agriculture," Dr Rouhani continued.

Rouhani added: "Using international experience, modern technology and water efficiency techniques is a must for agricultural development".

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has taught us that we should acquire knowledge and science from all over the world, said the President.

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