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President at Student's Day ceremony:

16 Azar martyrs hoisted independence flag in university/Nothing more important than people's hope, trust/No American gov't can affect Iranian nation's resolve, JCPOA/Supreme Leader's orders a base for nuclear negotiations/If U.S' latest violation executed, it will face strong reaction

"Azar 16 is the day of fighting against colonisation and dictatorship" said President Rouhani at Student's Day ceremony on Tuesday at Tehran University.

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Tue 06 - December 2016 - 15:02

He added: "Our country's achievements are the result of consensus of people and the authorities, as well as the Supreme Leader's support".

"Our country's achievements are the result of consensus of people and the authorities, as well as the Supreme Leader's support," said the President

He added: "Tomorrow, the committee of monitoring the JCPOA will be formed and it will announce the appropriate reaction".

Stating that "our Islamic Revolution is what we are proud of, as we are proud of our dear country", he continued: "Students and universities' greatness lies in its ability to criticise and students' criticism is sweet".

"None of the great supporters of the revolution, who fought with aggression and sanction alongside the late Imam, regret their actions," said the President.

Dr Rouhani went on sayin: "We are all proud of a single revolution and a single political system. This freedom of speech for students to speak frankly before the President is a great achievement of the revolution".

"A man was elected as the President of the United States; the only country that expressed neither happiness nor sadness was Iran," said Rouhani.

He added: "The war [with Iraq] proved that whenever we join hands, we will prevail over the biggest conspiracies".

We have spent tough days and we will pass other issues by unity and consensus, said the President adding: "Lift of sanctions, the failure of Iranophobia and authoritative resistance against major world powers is an honour for our political system and the Supreme Leader, not factions".

"We have constantly consulted with the Supreme Leader during the nuclear negotiations and the base for our negotiations was his orders," he added.

Dr Rouhani continued: "Basij is not a specific group, in case of any threat, the whole Iranian nation are a member of Basij".

Whenever we stand against each other, national power is undermined, he said adding: "We are unanimous in protecting the political system, the country and following the Supreme Leader".

"Supporting the principles of the revolution means continuing along the same path started from 1341 (1962-1963) and February 11, 1979," added Dr Rouhani saying: "Ethics and unity are a part of supporting the revolution".

"The same [UN] Security Council that used to consider Iran's nuclear activities a global threat, issued a resolution urging the world to have nuclear cooperation with Iran," he said.

Stating that "for the first time, we will import 900 tonnes of yellow cake", he said: "They used to say we did not have the right to produce heavy water but today, we are selling heavy water to major world powers".

Some said that sanctions have not been lifted, said Rouhani by posing the question: "Haven't we retaken our right in the oil market?".

"The latest great achievement of the Ministry of Petroleum in the recent meeting is a great honour for our country".

Stating that all nuclear sanctions, except for some remaining banking issues, have been lifted, the President said: "The United States is hostile towards us and we do not doubt that".

"The whole country is unanimous on responding to violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action," he continued.

Dr Rouhani went on saying: "We will stand up for our nation's rights and persist on our causes".

He also referred to non-oil exports, saying: "After 60 years, non-oil exports surpassed imports; isn't this an achievement?".

"All oil producers used their reserved funds during the era of low oil prices but we have deposited the exceeding 20 per cent of our income to our National Development Fund".

He continued: "Resistive Economy means managing the country during hard times. Issues like unemployment are very serious but we should not ignore efforts and achievements".

He further continued: "Net employment has reached 700,000 people in the last three years but employment needs is growing".

"The government cannot be an investing government; but rather it should support and supervise domestic and foreign investment," he added.

Dr Rouhani continued: 'Management of water, wastewater, environment and railway development are the most fundamental issues of our country".

Based on the Document of Outlook, the developed Iran is an ideal for all of us, he also said.

news id: 96663

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