11th gov't considers budget bill's timely submission as respecting parliament/Gov't began term in over 40% inflation, reduced it to single-digit figure/Domestic, foreign investment risk decreased/Latest decision by U.S Congress violates JCPOA and U.S President must stop it using his authority

"The 11th government considers timely submission of year 1396's budget bill as respecting Majlis and a sign of its commitment to the law and observing financial regulations," said President Rouhani while submitting 1396 budget bill to parliament.

Sun 04 - December 2016 - 09:14

During the visit to the parliament on Sunday, Dr Rouhani also gave a brief report to the parliament and the Iranian nation about the country's economic conditions.

"No government has started its term with a negative growth rate. At the time, our country was in special economic and foreign relations conditions," said President Rouhani, adding that this year will end with a growth rate passing 5 per cent.

He added: "More importantly, the government is honoured to have been able to stand by its commitments of reducing inflation rate to a single-digit one and it has succeeded in reducing it to less than 10 per cent in three years".

"Educated people entering the labour market and women participating more in economic activities has risen the need for more job opportunities," he added.

Dr Rouhani also continued: "Healthcare Reform Plan has decreased people's share of healthcare costs significantly," adding that deprived areas now have access to specialised healthcare services.

"Agricultural products growth rate has increased 13.9 per cent," said the President, adding: "Guaranteed purchase of wheat from farmers has increased 140 per cent".

President Rouhani further continued: "Crude oil production has reached 3.8m BPD and its export has reached 2.3m BPD in a short time after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)", adding: "We have regained our share of the global oil market".

"90 per cent of our country's population are enjoying natural gas now and our petrochemical products export has increased 40 per cent," continued the President.

He also said: "Knowledge-based products' export has increased five times".

Appreciating member and non-member countries of OPEC for cooperating, Dr Rouhani also said: "Iran is committed to its vows".

Stating that JCPOA is an international document with global achievements, Rouhani said: "We have predicted violations of JCPOA and our possible reactions".

"Obviously, we will not have a paved path in implementing the JCPOA when it comes to countries that we have long had conflicts and challenges and still have several disagreements with. It is essential that we continue monitoring the other side's actions carefully and respond to their lack of commitment," he added.

Saying that JCPOA is a win-win agreement for all parties and those countries that are more active in implementing it will benefit the most from it, President continued: "We consider tapping economic-international opportunities and developing economic interaction with other countries as a right and we will not wait for any country's permission in this regard".

On the latest move by the U.S Senate and House of Representatives, Dr Rouhani said: "First of all, several reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency confirm the fact that since JCPOA's implementation, the Islamic Republic of Iran has lived up to all its commitments. We believe that JCPOA is an internationally-valid document and has been approved by the United Nations Security Council and its full and accurate implementation can yield various achievements for all participating countries, and even the whole international community".

"Secondly, as the Supreme Leader has announced, the Islamic Republic of Iran has never been, and will not be, a violator of JCPOA and we are committed to our obligations, but I, as the head of state and the President of the Supreme National Security Council, clearly announce that we will not tolerate violation of JCPOA from the side of any of the P5+1 countries and will respond to it accordingly. The latest decision by U.S Congress violates JCPOA and the President of the United States of America must stop its approval and implementation using his authority," he continued.

Dr Rouhani added: "I clearly announce that if this measure is implemented, it clearly violates JCPOA and will be followed by our decisive response. We even consider U.S President signing it as against U.S commitments and it will receive due response. Therefore, within the framework of measures by the Supreme National Security Council and legislation passed by the parliament, we will take the necessary measures at this week's session of our committee of monitoring the implementation of JCPOA and will inform the people about decisions made in this regard".

Iran is the axis of regional security and the most important barrier against terrorism, said the President.

Adding that "Iran's economy is suffering from old and accumulated structural problems", he said: "Providing better and high-quality services to people and involving the private sector more, are two key issues in 1396 budget".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on saying: "Incomplete and justifiable projects and plans will be introduced to banks".

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