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President at the session of Administrative Council of Khorasan Razavi:

Next year’s public budget roughly $84 billion/Construction budget to break a record/15,000 SMEs activated with $2.9 billion loans/Special credit allocated for employment, water, wastewater, environment, railway development

“Based on figures presented by the Governor General of Khorasan Razavi province, in this year’s March/April nearly 1,200,000 people have entered the labor market, among them 700,000 people had jobs and about 500,000 are unemployed and authorities should make efforts to provide jobs for them,” said President Rouhani at the session of Administrative Council of Khorasan Razavi on Thursday.

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Thu 01 - December 2016 - 17:13

He added: “These figures give us hope on the one hand, and put great responsibility on our authorities’ shoulders, on the other”.
“In drafting next year’s budget, special attention has been given to employment and four important sectors of water, wastewater, environment and railways development and special credits have been allocated for these sectors,” he continued.
He also highlighted the need to be self-sufficient in agriculture and water resources management, saying: “Before anything, we should use scientific methods in water usage and apply modern irrigation methods in agriculture”.
“The private sector should be involved in implementing major plans in the field of water usage organization and the government will support them,” he added.
Dr Rouhani continued: “Next year’s budget has been planned in a way that it will involve private sector, banks and development fund to work together and make a great development in the country”.
“Next year’s public budget is roughly $84 billion and we intend to allocate nearly $16 billion to construction budget and this is a record for our country,” President added.
“15,000 small and medium-sized enterprises have been activated with $2.9 billion loans,” he added, saying: “Today, foreign investment has started in our country, our contract with Total being one of them”.


news id: 96624

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