Tehran-Moscow ties on the right track/Iran-Russia cooperation in fighting terrorism to continue

President Rouhani and President of Russia, Vladimir Putin discussed the most important bilateral, regional and international issues on the phone.

Tue 29 - November 2016 - 08:19

In the phone conversation that was made Monday night, Dr Rouhani expressed gratitude over Russian president's sympathy and condolences over train collision in Semnan and added: "Tehran-Moscow ties are on the right track and we should further facilitate this procedure".

Referring to the joint commission of the two countries set to be held in Tehran soon, he said: "We hope possible obstacles on the path of developing Tehran-Moscow ties be removed by the commission to further develop ties, especially in banking cooperation and visa abolition".

Expressing satisfaction over the growing process of Iran-Eurasia cooperation, President Rouhani referred to the successful meeting between presidents of Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan in Baku, adding: "The second round of these negotiations in Tehran will further accelerate trilateral and regional cooperation".

"The ultimate solution to the Syrian crisis will only be achievable through political negotiation and respecting the rights of people of that country who are the final and main decision-makers in Syria," he said stressing cooperation between Russia and Iran in combatting terrorism in Syria.

At the beginning of the phone conversation, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to President Rouhani and the Iranian nation over train collision in Semnan and said: "Moscow is determined to further deepen ties with Tehran in all fields".

"Close cooperation between high-ranking authorities of the two countries has led to a significant increase in Tehran-Moscow business relations and this growing cooperation should further develop," he continued.

President Putin also referred to the coming meeting of joint commission of cooperation of the two countries in Tehran and said: "The meeting will promise cooperation in running major projects in the field of nuclear energy, oil and gas and transportation".

"Major Russian companies are willing to increase cooperation with Iranian companies," he added.

Highlighting regional cooperation, Putin said: "Iran and Russia have been partners in resolving regional issues and will continue to do so, and cooperation and consultation, especially about Syria, will continue until the Syrian people are saved from terrorists".

The two presidents also discussed the latest development in the oil market and the needed cooperation in this regard.

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