Gov't considers supporting armed forces, Basij, bolstering national unity its duty/Today, armed forces should take part in production, economic reform/Basij not a party, but the whole Iranian nation

The government considers supporting armed forces and Basij, as well as preserving and bolstering national unity as its duty, said President Rouhani in a cabinet session on Wednesday.

Wed 23 - November 2016 - 12:43

"Today, bolstering morality, culture, economy, unity and national integrity are among out country's top priorities and we should further strengthen these fields," said Dr Rouhani.

Stating that based on Article 151 of the constitution, the government is tasked with facilitating and providing opportunities for military education of the people, he said: "When our country's population was 36 million, Imam Khomeini (RA) ordered formation of a 20-million army that means everyone who was able to hold a weapon, was responsible to get military education and defend the Islamic Republic's territorial integrity".

"Without a doubt, if it were not for Basij, great victories in the 8-year imposed war would be impossible," he added.

Dr Rouhani continued: "Popular forces support the armed forces in a sacred defence, but in Iran, Basij not only supports the armed forces, but also is at the forefront of defence".

He went on saying: "Solidarity between the people and the armed forces has been stated in the constitution in a way that during wars, people will stand by the armed forces and during peace, the armed forces will stand by people".

Stating that Iran needs production and economic reform, he said: "The armed forces should be at the forefront of this and the government is responsible to ask them to do so during peace".

"As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasises, the most important issue of the country is economy but this year has been named the year of 'Resistive Economy, Action and Deed' and therefore, everybody should make attempts in this regard".

Basij is not a party, but the whole Iranian nation, said Rouhani adding: "Article 151 of the constitution clearly stipulates that the needed groundwork for military education should be provide for all of the Iranian people".

"Recently, the Supreme Leader announced the general policies of elections that armed forces should not interfere in this field," the President continued.

He also said that Muslims in many countries are following the model of Basij, saying: "In Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and all Islamic countries, when they encounter an issue, one of the very effective models that they follow to defend their countries is that of Basij which was founded by the Late Imam [Khomeini]".

"In his latest speech, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed Resistive Economy and that people should pay more attention to this issue, as well as science and technology, along with unity and we should follow this path to finally create a more prosperous Iran, which is stronger against possible conspiracies".

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