Imam Hussein’s (AS) uprising cause was reform, preventing deviation in society/God’s will has made Arba’een everlasting/Foreign relations should be based on authority, constructive interaction

Imam Hussein’s (AS) uprising cause was reforming and preventing deviation, as well as promoting good will in the society, said President Rouhani on Wednesday in a meeting with clerics, veterans and distinguished figures of Alborz province.

Wed 16 - November 2016 - 16:53

“Free people around the world have learnt resistance from Imam Hussein (AS),” added President Hassan Rouhani.

He also highlighted the importance of Arba’een, saying: “Arba’een should be the origin of unity among Muslims”.

“Our agreement with Airbus was on the condition that we manufacture parts for the company,” he continued.

He stressed the need to use opportunities in their best way possible, adding: “We should use opportunities for our country’s progress in shortest time possible”.

“Our brave nation and youths are greater than our problems and we should not sacrifice opportunities to unimportant issues,” Dr Rouhani continued.

He went on saying: “Constructive interaction is one of the goals of Outlook Document and policies issued by the Supreme Leader”.

The President further added: “Development is not possible by putting mottos forward; prosperity requires attempt, investment and technology”.


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