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President addressing the bumper crowd of people in Alborz:

Alborz the land of the youth, Sacred Defence heroes/Millions of Iranians responded Imam Hussein’s (AS) call for help/We are grateful to people’s awareness in Arbaeen

Alborz province is the land of the youth, Sacred Defence heroes and pioneers of production and prosperity of Iran, said President Rouhani addressing the bumper crowd of people in Alborz on Wednesday.

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Wed 16 - November 2016 - 10:59

“Alborz is the land of Ayatollah Taleqani, Martyr Fallahi, Martyr Fahmideh and Imam Hussein’s (AS) brave army,” said President Rouhani in Karaj.

Referring to his attendance at the seeing-off ceremony of Imam Hussein (AS) pilgrims and the great Iranian nation’s passion towards Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) progeny, Dr Rouhani said: “The first thing I want to express is the love of the people of this land towards Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) progeny”.

“Two million Iranians are heading to Karbala through Shalamcheh, Chazzabeh and Mehran,” he continued.

Stating that millions of Iranians responded Imam Hussein’s (AS) call for help, he said: “Today, people are responding to Imam Hussein (AS) bravely and loudly after 1370 years”.

“We are grateful to people for their awareness and passion in Arbaeen and all organs and institutions’ efforts,” added Rouhani.

The President continued: “Poverty, unemployment, stagnation, inflation, water shortage, and environmental issues are the most important issues of our country”.

“Foreign hostility, inner call for desires, immorality and slander are the enemies of the Iranian nation’s interests”.

He continued: “With God’s favour, wise leadership, and unity between branches and the people we will overcome all problems and hardships”.

“In the beginning of government’s tenure, some did not believe that the vow to harness inflation to single-digit figures and stopping downturn could be possible,” President went on saying.

Stating that People are vigilant about despair-promoters, he added: “Statistics speak; in the first 7 months of the current year, we have increased government’s helps to the production market by 50 per cent”.

“15,000 industrial units are jump-starting their operation by receiving bailouts,” said Dr Rouhani adding: “We will make the 5% growth vow happen this year”.

He went on saying that the government’s top priority in the agenda is confronting air pollution, and added: “We will complete standard petrol production capacity, which will stop petrol imports by next year”.

809,000 old cars were recycled in the last three years, said Dr Rouhani, adding: “Air pollution is a great danger that threatens the whole world like terrorism. We are progressing towards manufacturing cars complying with Euro 5 standards”.

“France’s $5-billion investment in energy sector and manufacturing high-quality cars are because of the JCPOA,” he continued.

The President added: “All Iranian ethnic groups are parts of a single body. We will overcome air pollution problems by collective attempt”.

Highlighting that the youth should be given opportunities to show their capabilities, he said: “Youths are not problems, they are our country’s great assets”.

Rouhani added: “Changes of presidents of other countries has no effect on Iranian nation’s resolve”.

news id: 96385

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