Higher education preparation document in health, Islamic-Iranian architecture reviewed/Dr Tayyebi elected as ACECR head

In a session of Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution that was chaired by Dr Rouhani on Tuesday, the document of higher education preparation in the field of health and the national document of Iranian-Islamic architecture in various cities were reviewed.

Wed 16 - November 2016 - 08:57

The Minister of Health and Medical Education and his deputies briefed the council on higher education system’s preparedness in the field of health.

The President also highlighted the importance of the plan and stressed that it should be precisely implemented.

The National Document of Iranian-Islamic Architecture in Urban Areas was also reviewed by the council and the Mayor of Tehran presented a report on the municipality’s measures in rebuilding various urban buildings.

The council also elected Dr Seyed Hamidraza Tayyebi as the Head of Academic Centre for Education, Culture and Research.

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