Tehran welcomes deepening ties with Beijing, esp. in defence

“Tehran welcomes deepening ties with Beijing in all fields, especially in defence, to promote regional security,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Minister of Defence of China, Chang Wanquan.

Tue 15 - November 2016 - 16:12

In the meeting that was held on Tuesday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani added: “Developing and deepening ties with China as a key country in Asia and a historical friend of Iran is very important for us”.

Mentioning Iran’s efforts for maintaining security and stability in the region and combatting terrorism, Dr Rouhani said: “Cooperation between the two countries should increase in order to fight and combat the great threat of terrorism”.

“We should join hands in protecting the security of Asia and the Islamic Republic of Iran has a very important role in realisation of global security and stability,” he continued.

He also went on referring to Iran’s potentials and China’s scientific and technological advancements, saying: “There is a good opportunity in the post-JCPOA era for further cooperation between the two countries in fields such as energy, defence, economy, nuclear energy and other fields”.

Stressing interaction between military officials of both countries, he said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is completely ready to make attempts in operationalising all agreements with China based on the cooperation roadmap and the field of defence is an important part of this cooperation”.

At the same meeting, the Minister of Defence of China, Chang Wanquan said: “The People’s Republic of China will definitely continue to cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is the top power in the region, to advance common goals of regional security and stability”.

He also expressed happiness over developing ties between the two countries, saying: “China has always had stances very close to the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

Iran is the greatest and most important Islamic country in the region and the first influential regional power, said Chang, adding: “Cooperation between the two countries in combatting terrorism is of high importance”.

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