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President at the 1st Conference on Social Responsibility:

Youth employment, national integrity top social benefit/Employment, water, environment most important issues/Great social values should not be sacrificed for little issues

“Employment for the youth and national integrity is the highest and the best social benefit,” said President Rouhani at the 1st Conference on Social Responsibility on Monday.

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Mon 14 - November 2016 - 11:47

He added: “We will be proud of ourselves only when we overtake each other with regard to other ethnicities and groups and its first benefit is unity and respecting all religious branches and religions”.

Stressing employment for everybody, especially those with disabilities, he said: “Today, our society needs collective benefit more than ever and in doing so, people and the government should work together”.

“Our lives will be filled with happiness when we treat each other with kindness and compassion,” Dr Rouhani continued.

The President added: “The root and spirit of Islam and all divine religions is completely different from what extremists are echoing in the world today. Extremists only see themselves and view others as deviant”.

“Islam is based on the idea that the entire humanity is a single unit and that all humans are our brothers,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani added: “If we want to live together, we should help each other, even if the helper needs more than the helped”.

Adding that human beings need help in their everyday lives, he said: “We should help each other and protect our society”.

Describing a good manager, Dr Rouhani added: “This man should have the ability to protect social assets”.

“Today, we should protect not only financial assets, but also wholesome relationships between the members of the society and do not let division among people,” Rouhani went on saying.

news id: 96346

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