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President in a meeting with Hungarian parliament speaker:

Deepening ties with friend countries a foreign policy principle for Iran/Parliamentary ties, private sector cooperation cements bases for ties

“The 11th government’s foreign policy is based on developing and deepening ties with friend countries, including EU members,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary, László Kövér on Saturday in Tehran.

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Sat 12 - November 2016 - 12:51

Dr Rouhani also refereed to EU’s effective role in nuclear negotiations and added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is a great country with an emerging economy and has great potentials and capabilities in technical and engineering fields, as well as infrastructural projects”.

“The private sectors of both countries should be informed of each other’s potentials to take the role of pioneers in deepening these ties,” he continued.

Referring to contracts between Iran and many countries across the world, including European countries in the post-JCPOA era, he said: “Most of these contracts have been put into action and Hungarian investors and companies can tap the opportunity to develop ties”.

Dr Rouhani went on stressing that agreements made between the two countries during the visit by the Prime Minister of Hungary to Tehran should be implemented soon, and added: “We should do our utmost to implement plans that will benefit both nations and governments”.

“Tehran attaches great weight to promoting its scientific and cultural ties with Budapest,” Rouhani said, mentioning that these kinds of cooperation are as important as political and economic relations.

He also referred to Iran’s progress in the field of modern technologies, especially in nano- and biotechnology, saying: “The two countries can cooperate with each other in various sectors of peaceful nuclear energy”.

On tourism, the President said: “Without a doubt, Iran’s historical sites are a fascinating tourist attraction for Europeans, including Hungarian people”.

“Developing relations between parliaments of Iran and Hungary can bolster the bases for economic, cultural and social cooperation between the two countries,” he added.

He then talked about the need for all countries to combat terrorism, adding: “Terrorism is a great threat to the region and the world and no country can remain immune to its bad effects”.

People in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya are experiencing bad conditions, said Rouhani, adding: “Sending humanitarian aids such as medicine and food to the people of these countries and helping them to recover is a great humane and international responsibility that is on our shoulders”.

At the same meeting, the Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary, László Kövér also said: “Budapest is determined to develop ties with Tehran in all fields”.

He added: “Hungary is completely ready to develop ties with Tehran, especially in economic fields and this will definitely benefit both nations and governments”.

“Adding up efforts in holding joint commission of the two countries can accelerate deepening of ties,” continued Kövér.

news id: 96295

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