Those involved in media promote culture, lay ground for social development/Vigilance, internal integration key national security factor/Fostering extremism lays ground for violence, terrorism

President Rouhani appeared at the 22nd Press Exhibition in Tehran and described those involved in the media as people who promote culture and lay the ground for social development.

Sat 05 - November 2016 - 10:44

“Respecting ethnicities and minorities and developmental balance is Iran’s most important barrier against terrorism,” he said.

Dr Rouhani added: “Promoting security requires providing those involved in culture and media with security”.

He further continued: “Using the pen, expressing ideas and promoting culture are the bases of Islamic movement”.

Stating that “culture is a power above any kind of weapons, and the media are cultural tools”, he added: “Media affairs should be left to themselves as much as possible”.

“Imam [Khomeini] dethroned the most heavily-armed power of the region by delivering speeches and connecting with people, not by guns,” added the President.

He continued: “Terrorism mounts the horse of despair and dissatisfaction; the media give hope and vibrancy to the society”.

“Armed forces are deterrent and powerful diplomacy but not enough for national security, unity and cooperation,” said Rouhani, adding: “Iran’s current economy is ready to attract capital, technology and market”.

Stating that “Parliament’s vote of confidence to the three ministers gave hope to Iran lovers”, he added: “Fruitless false accusations are a source of pride for the people, parliament and government”.
Dr Rouhani added: “Parliament’s moderate viewpoint proved that people’s votes in June 2013 and February 2016 elections have borne fruits”.

Anybody who chooses the shortest way for Iran’s glory and development is a Revolution supporter, continued the President, adding: “Anybody who preserves honesty, ethics and trust is a Revolution supporter”.

Rouhani went on saying: “The Islamic Revolution is backed by Islamic culture, which is in turn backed by good morals”.

“Those who lie and slander have no relationship with the Revolution,” he continued, saying: “The media are responsible to guide the government in the right direction and generate hope and vibrancy in the society”.

“Constructive criticism is a skill and the government supports it,” he added.

Stating that creating jobs is not possible without investment and market, President Rouhani said: “The media are capable of promoting investment atmosphere”.

“Those who caused friends like China and Russia to vote in favour of sanctions against Iran are unhappy about lift of sanctions,” he further said.

The media should facilitate post-JCPOA opportunities, said the President, adding: “We are witnessing further openings from the first day of JCPOA’s implementation”.

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