Families of martyrs always respected by Iranian nation

President visited the family of two martyrs, Ibrahim and Hossein L’aali and had a friendly chat with their father and mother, as well as other members of their family.

Sat 05 - November 2016 - 08:33

“The families of martyrs are always respected by the Iranian nation because they have devoted their children and loved ones on the path of Islam and defending the country and the system,” said president.

Describing visiting the family of martyrs and veterans as a great honour for the authorities, he said: “I hope we can continue the way of martyrs and add up efforts in serving the Iranian nation”.

At the same meeting, the father of the martyrs also talked to Dr Rouhani and told memories of his sons.

In this visit that Vice-President in Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Hojatoleslam Val-Moslemin Shahidi was attending, a plaque of appreciation was given to the family of the martyr.

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