Serving people, economic prosperity gov’t main concern/We need harmony, cooperation more than any time/Culture should complement economic goals/We should fight corruption without any concern

President chaired a cabinet session on Wednesday and expressed gratitude to the Majlis for their vote of confidence to his proposed ministers saying: “Parliament’s vote of confidence helped us to amend the cabinet in the shortest time possible”.

Wed 02 - November 2016 - 13:43

Yesterday’s voting illustrated that the government and the parliament pay special attention to the heavy responsibilities of those who were going to become ministers, Dr Rouhani said.

Stressing that we need harmony and cooperation more than any time before, Dr Rouhani referred to the supreme leader’s naming of last year as the year of harmony and sympathy and said: “This motto should always be heeded”.

“It is very important that the world understands that our aims and causes are the same and the three branches will continue to work with maximum power under the supreme leader’s guidance,” he continued.

People’s support is the key to the government’s success, said the President, adding: “The government needs all experts’ support and cooperation, especially in the three key ministries”.

He added: “The government considers NGOs and popular groups as very important and believes that it should accompany them in their paths”.

“Serving people, as well as economic prosperity are the government’s main concerns,” he continued.

President Rouhani went on saying: “Cultural, social and economic sectors of the country should complement each other to be able to lay the groundwork for economic prosperity and solve cultural problems”.

“We should prove the world that what the authorities want, is in harmony with what people want, as their political and legal legitimacy is determined by people’s direct and indirect votes,” Dr Rouhani added.

He continued: “The most important issue with regard to fighting tyranny is creating a discourse-encouraging atmosphere to increase public hope and trust”.

“People’s voted for hope, social asset, reviving morality and economic prosperity in June 2013 and February 2016 elections and yesterday’s voting in the Majlis was in line with the same goal,” he said.

Rouhani added: “We should fight corruption without any concerns; but of course, in doing so, we should be careful not to falsely accuse honest and sincere managers”.

He also expressed gratitude to Dr Fani, Mr Jannati and Dr Goudarzi for their efforts as former ministers of Education, Culture and Islamic Guidance, and Youth Affairs and Sports.

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