More gov’t-Majlis cooperation beneficial to noble Iranian people/We won’t hesitate to change pace, method/Those chanting Iranophbia stuttering today/Gov’t committed to stabilising economy, crating opening in foreign policy

“More cooperation and consultation between the parliament and the government benefits the great Iranian nation,” said President Rouhani at a parliament session, defending his suggested ministers.

Tue 01 - November 2016 - 09:11

Dr Rouhani continued: “After the Sacred Defence era, no government in Iran has started working under the severest sanctions, resolutions, over 40% inflation, and eight seasons of negative growth”.

Stating that “the Iranian nation chose the path of moderation in June 2013 and February 2016 elections,” he added: “The government has taken big steps such as decreasing inflation to a single-digit figure and increasing growth rate to 4.4%”.

“700,000 jobs have been created this spring compared to last year but there is still a long way to go to reach 1.2 million jobs,” added the President.

“Government is committed to further progress in creating jobs in the second half of year 1395”.

He further added: “We are proud of people’s national action, supreme leader’s guidance and defending people’s rights before the global arrogance”.

Referring to wider choices for Iran in selling its oil in the global market, he said: “They cannot put up walls around Iranian nation’s choices; today, we are selling oil to any country of our choice”.

“JCPOA is the nation’s chosen path for constructive interaction with the world and competition in the global market”.

“Today, we are in a situation that those who were chanting Iranophbia, are stuttering,” the President said.

He continued: “The government is committed to stabilising economy and creating an opening in its foreign policy”.

“We will force oath-breakers to live up to their commitments step by step,” said Dr Rouhani, referring to countries that have broken their oaths throughout the history.

“Even in the field of nuclear technology, we are witnessing a new opening every day. If we could not import even a gram of yellow cake, today we are importing 100 tonnes”.

The government will keep to its promises to people until the end of its tenure, said Rouhani adding: “We are not afraid of pressure, unjust criticism and being demonised”.

He continued: “Today, if we feel that we need to change our pace and method, we will not hesitate to do so, even if there is only one month left of the government’s tenure”.

Referring to the supreme leader’s emphasis on the three ministries’ key role, he said: “The ministries of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Youth Affairs and Sports, and Education are among the ministries that the supreme leader said were of chief importance”.

President Rouhani also thanked Ali Jannati for his services during his tenure as the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, saying: “Dr Salehi Amiri is a prominent sociologist, whose skilful management has been proved”.

Thanking Dr Goodarzi for his good manners and efforts, he said: “We will witness great progress in youth affairs and sports with Mr Soltani Far’s excellent management”

“Dr Fani made a lot of efforts to resolve issues in the Education Ministry,” said Dr Rouhani, thanking him for his efforts.

“Dr Danesh Ashtiani has served the country in the Sacred Defence era and is among valuable experts in higher education and education ministry,” said the President, adding: “I have no doubt that the Education Ministry will make great progress with Dr Danesh Ashtiani’s presence.

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