Iran always backs Lebanese nation, gov’t, resistance/This election a victory for all parties in Lebanon/Tehran ready to develop ties with Beirut in all fields

President Rouhani had a telephone conversation with the new President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun and congratulated him on his election, expressing hope that Tehran-Beirut ties be developed more than before in the new era.

Tue 01 - November 2016 - 08:30

In the phone call that took place on Monday, Dr Rouhani said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that your election, which took place in a free and wholesome election, is not limited to the victory of a party, but the manifestation of peaceful coexistence of all groups in Lebanon and a sweet victory for the whole Lebanese nation”.

President Rouhani also referred to the 30-month vacuum and expressed happiness over the successful election, saying: “The Islamic Republic of Iran always emphasised that if foreign pressure on Lebanon is stopped, the people of this country could well be capable of choosing their own president”.

“You have taken this responsibility in a very sensitive era; an era in which the region is facing two threats of growing Takfiri movements and terrorist groups, as well as the cupidity of the Zionist regime and we are sure that your election will further strengthen the resistance front of Lebanon against these two threats,” said Dr Rouhani adding that Iran will always support the Lebanese government, nation and resistance.

He also wished for the Lebanese president’s success and the Lebanese nation’s pride, saying: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to develop ties with friend country of Lebanon in all political, economic and cultural fields”.

At the same phone conversation, the new President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun thanked Dr Rouhani for his telephone call and said: “We are always willing to develop and deepen ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran and we will attempt to foster this friendship between the two nations and governments”.

He also appreciated Iran for supporting integrity in Lebanon, saying: “We have always attempted to bolster national unity”.

Referring to terrorist threats, and the Zionist regime, he said: “Lebanon is ready to do whatever it can to confront any threats posed by terrorist groups or the Zionist regime”.

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