50 projects with $258m credit allocated for Qazvin

“The government has decided to allocate $258 million for 50 projects in Qazvin province,” said President Rouhani in a press conference on Thursday in Qazvin city.

Thu 29 - September 2016 - 12:24

He further noted that the projects are in the fields of water, roads, railroad, agriculture, urban development, industry, health and infrastructures.

With regard to railroad development, Dr Rouhani said: “We have plans for adding another line to Tehran-Qazvin railway and that will be operationalized early next year”.

On water management, he added: “Two dams are being completed to transfer water from Taleqan Dam to Qazvin”.

“The government’s policy is to hand over completion of water and waste water projects to the private sector,” continued Rouhani.

He went on by referring to water shortage and added: “It is essential that we economise water through greenhouses and modern irrigation systems”.

On electricity, health and tourism plans for the province, he said: “These plans will be operationalised within this year and the next”.

“The government has decided to support production and industrial units by providing them with banking facilities,” continued the President.

He added: “We have put a lot of effort on reactivating 7500 semi-active industrial units by the end of the year”.

“Nearly 1000 production units will also be activated by the end of the year,” continued Dr Rouhani.

Answering a question about construction budget of the Qazvin, he said: “This year, the construction budget of the province has risen 36%”.

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