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President in the Administrative Council of Qazvin meeting:

People want more effort by authorities for country’s progress/Standing against each other not serving people/If we serve people we are winners/Undermining gov’t against national interests

“Iranian people want authorities to attempt more for the country’s progress and advancement and all efforts should be directed towards this issue,” said President Rouhani in the meeting of Administrative Council of Qazvin.

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Thu 29 - September 2016 - 12:04

He added: “Going to extremes destroys both the world and the afterworld and Islam is the religion of moderation”.

Stressing that domestic and foreign policy should be accompanied by moderation, he said: “We should neither feel that everyone likes us, nor everybody is enemy and traitor”.

“Standing against each other under the title of groups and parties does not benefit people. If we serve people, then we are winners, otherwise it’s not b fruitful,” added the President.

Injecting despair and hopelessness to people’s hearts is ingratitude to God’s blessings, said Rouhani adding: “We should be hopeful of the country’s future because despair results in succumbing to problems”.

Referring to this year’s international summits, Dr Rouhani said that Iranophobia was only chanted by one or two regimes in the region, compared to the previous years.

“All of those who met with Iran, were complaining about why the U.S is behind fulfilling its commitments towards Iran,” continued the President.

On the importance of attracting investment and modern technologies, he said: “Iranian products should have the ability to compete with similar foreign products”.

Underscoring that the government will continue fighting against smuggling, he added: “If domestic products are competitive, smuggling will be uprooted”.

“To attract modern technologies, we should foster relations with the world with regard to national interests and our concerns,” Dr Rouhani added.


news id: 95571

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