Disagreements fine, struggle not welcomed in Iran’s Islamic society/Wholesome competition requires minding red lines/Everybody should work hard for country’s prosperity

“Disagreements are fine but struggling and division are not welcomed in Iran’s Islamic society,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with clerics, war veterans and prominent figures of Qazvin province on Wednesday.

Wed 28 - September 2016 - 20:11

He added: “We have a single country, leadership and government and we should consider ourselves members of a family”.

“In factional disputes, we have no argument on principles of the revolution, the Islamic system, Iran and national interests. A wholesome competition requires us to mind the red lines,” he said.

Referring to the supreme leader’s advice, Dr Rouhani added: “Under no circumstances we should forget that this year is the year of resistive economy and working hard for economic boost and prosperity for the country”.

“We are all indebted to the martyrs’ blood and veterans’ bravery,” said Rouhani.

Everybody should work hard for country’s prosperity, added the President, saying: “Do not doubt Iran’s current greatness is incomparable to past years”.

He added: “Within the 48 hours in New York, I had meetings with 14 heads of states and there was no country in Asia or Europe that did not want to meet with Iran”.

He also described trust in the Iranian nation and government in the international communities and said: “The government signs agreements meticulously, and with regard to others’ history and record, this meticulousness is our right”.

On the latest Non-Aligned Movement Summit that he attended last week, Dr Rouhani said: “Regarding the nuclear negotiation issue, the NAM members underscored that we had defended their nuclear rights as well”.

He also said: “In this chaotic region, any country reaching out for help, be it in Syria, Palestine, Lebanon or Yemen, we should answer to that”

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