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President addressing immense crowd of people in Qazvin:

Export, agriculture, services to hit 5% by the end of year/Gov’t achievements due to people’s support, supreme leader’s guidance/We speak people’s hearts in int’l gatherings/World is seeking interaction with Iran in post-JCPOA

“Everybody should prepare themselves to build a prosperous Iran and all indices tell us that we have growing economic conditions,” said President Rouhani addressing immense crowd of people in Qazvin on Wednesday.

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Wed 28 - September 2016 - 11:17

He added: “Government’s achievements are due to people’s support and the supreme leader’s guidance”.

Commemorating Sacred Defence Week, Dr Rouhani appreciated the armed forces and said: “All armed forces recorded Iranian nation’s greatness in the history by their resistance during the eight-year Sacred Defence era”.

We should learn from the Sacred Defence era, said the President adding: “Today as well, the path to victory is through national interests, unity, brotherhood, and devotion”.

Referring to his latest visit to Venezuela, Cuba and New York, he said: “Three years ago, whoever went to the United Nations and attended global communities, used to witness unity of the East and the West and their mercenaries against Iran, but now this unity against our revolution and the Iranian nation has shattered in international communities”.

“NAM members kept telling us in Venezuela that Iranian nation’s victory in nuclear negotiations was defending the rights of all progressing countries,” continued Rouhani.

He added: “We did not just defend Iranian nation’s rights, but rather all developing countries and this was the explicit message of the NAM Summit to Iran”.

We spoke your hearts in international gatherings and it was you who were victorious everywhere, continued the President.

He also said: “Today, all through the world, everybody is talking about how to take advantage of the post-JCPOA era in Iran and they are emphasising that Iran is a barrier against terrorism in the region and the world”.

The time of accusing Iran of supporting terrorism or seeking nuclear bomb is over now, added the President, stating: “the world is seeking interaction with Iran in post-JCPOA”.

Mentioning the plunge in oil prices and its effects on oil-producing countries, he referred to the high inflation rate in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, saying: “People should know that in the past year, despite falling oil prices, we not only did not use our reserves, but also added 20% more to our reserves”.

Dr Rouhani continued: “Great people of Iran! I am not reporting government’s work here, but people’s perseverance. We should get ready for building a prosperous Iran. All indices are telling us that we have growing economic conditions”.

Referring to his Nowruz message, he said: “This year, we are seeking to achieve a five-per cent economic growth and I assure you that our economic growth rate will go beyond five per cent”.

President also went on explaining government’s plans for Qazvin province, saying: “In this visit, 50 plans and projects, with $258m of credit, will be operationalised”.

On water problems, he said: “In the current year, the government will revive 20,000 hectares of agricultural lands by modern irrigation”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to government’s plans for development of railroads and electricity.

“Qazvin is the city of martyrs Rajai and Babaei, the symbol of resistance”, he said.

news id: 95531

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