All ethnic groups, tribes, religions should have a role in Syria's future/Retaining territorial integrity, unity a basic principle/Facilitating humanitarian aid to Syria the top priority

“The Islamic Republic of Iran considers retaining territorial integrity and unity in all countries of the region, including Syria as a basic principle,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with Hadiya Khalaf Abbas, Speaker of the People's Council of Syria on Tuesday in Tehran.

Tue 27 - September 2016 - 14:04

He added: “Iran will considers its duty to help countries of the region in combatting terrorism and establishing security and believes that making changes to borders will not be beneficial to the region”.

Referring to amicable and brotherly relations between Iran and Syria, Dr Rouhani said that the two countries should develop ties in all fields of mutual interest and increase consultation in regional and international issues.

President also emphasised closer parliamentary cooperation between Iran and Syria, saying: “Any nation may experience hardships in its history but what history will remember is how that nation resisted against the hardships”.

“Today, an unjust war from the side of terrorist groups, which have no commitment to moral and humanitarian principles, is imposed on the Syrian people and their resistance against terrorists and hardships during the last five years is admirable,” continued the President.

Referring to conspiracies that the Muslim countries of the region, such as Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan are facing, he said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran insists on its principles and believes that terrorism is a serious problem for the region and the world, and that the Syrian people should be helped to be able to drive terrorism out of their country”.

“Today, the top priority in Syria is to deliver humanitarian aid to the people and the Iran will continue helping the country in fighting with terrorism and establishing security in the region,” added Rouhani.

He went on saying: “We are sure that the final victory belongs to the Syrian nation and we hope that negotiations between the Syrian government and the opposition groups, which are committed to Syria’s independence and determination, continues to bear a political solution. All ethnic groups, tribes, religions should have a role in Syria's future”.

At the same meeting, Hadiya Khalaf Abbas, Speaker of the People's Council of Syria said: “Relations between Iran and Syria is historical, amicable and brotherly and we will do whatever we can to develop ties with Iran in all fields of mutual interest”.

Appreciating Iran’s persistence and supporting Syrian people in their fight against terrorism, she added: “Despite conspiracies by the enemies, Iran has always been a major supporter of the Syrian nation in all fields”.

“We believe that the Syrian people are the only decision-makers for the country’s future,” continued Khalaf Abbas.

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