Statistics; national deposit, base for planning/Telling people the truth base for their support/Presenting unreal statistics a great sin, treason

Describing statistics as a national deposit and a base for the country’s planning, President Rouhani said: “Presenting unreal statistics is a great sin and a national treason”.

Tue 27 - September 2016 - 10:44

“Presenting precise information is beneficial to the future of our country and society,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with those involved in census-taking on Tuesday in Tehran.

He added: “Telling people the truth will encourage them to support national plans”.

Statistics should be precise, said Rouhani adding: “We should have prepared the required jobs in the past based on the statistics. Of course, two-digit unemployment rate, and even a 9.9 rate, is not acceptable we should progress towards a lower rate”.

“Authorities of the country should know that just like they wait for the end of the month for their salaries, they should wait for the statistics and information to use them for the good of decision-making,” continued the President.

He added: “Based on the law, statistics and information should only be announced and presented by the respective authorities, not anyone else”.

“All authorities in the country should refer to the statistics and information and plan based on them”.

Referring to Supreme Leader’s emphasis on the preciseness of the statistics, Dr Rouhani continued: “Precise statistics informs us of economic, social and cultural matters and that’s why it is important that we speak and act based on statistics”.

“Researchers, experts and university professors can only tell their personal ideas, but in statistical issues, the statistics centre and its respective authorities should be referred to,” added the President.

He also went on appreciating the Statistical Centre of Iran, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, and National Network of Information for carrying out current year’s census.

“I call on respected people of our country to fully cooperate with census-takers. No one should feel that these statistics would be used against them, but rather this information act as bases for correctly planning the country’s future”.

Stressing that the government attaches great weight to planning, President said: “Recently, the Budget and Plan Organisation was revived to let us make the best use of experts in this fields for the good of the country”.

He then referred to Iranian nation’s talents, saying: “What is lasting, is effort, hard-work, integrity, harmony, thinking nationally, and acting precisely and correctly”.

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