Backing tourism industry creates jobs/Progress the fruit of security; we are grateful to armed forces/We proved Iranophobia false by constructive interaction/Foreign policy base for attracting tourists

One of the ways of increasing employment rate is supporting tourism industry, said President Rouhani in a ceremony marking World Tourism Day.

Mon 26 - September 2016 - 12:14

“One of the key concerns of the Iranian nation, at least for the last century, has been achieving a desirable comprehensive development. One of the ways by which we can increase people’s welfare, employment and self-reliance on products is development of tourism industry,” said President Rouhani.

Underscoring that one of the most important goals of the government is to increase employment rate and attract technology and capital, he added: “Variety of culture, ethnicity, religion and lifestyle can be very significant tourist attraction”.

“Millions of people from various backgrounds visit places that have remnants of the eight-year Sacred Defence era,” he said referring to the Constitutional Movement, the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defence as three important tourist attractions.

Stressing that natural and environmental attractions should be paid attention to, he said: “Deserts are a great tourist attraction for many people and we should invest on them”.

One of the principles that we should pay more attention to is culture, said Rouhani adding: “Tourists like to visit countries that happy faces await them, a society that is of high cultural tolerance and morality has a special place”.

He continued: “One of the important fruits of JCPOA is fighting Iranophobia. Today’s political status contributes to attracting tourists more than before”

In JCPOA, we proved that Iranophobia is false and we did that through constructive interaction with the world, added the President.

Progress is the fruit of security, continued Rouhani, saying: “We are grateful to armed and security forces for providing us with security.

Dr Rouhani went on stating that economy is another key point in development of tourism, adding: “We are trying to maintain the single-digit inflation rate”.

He also referred to the cyberspace and the Internet as two infrastructures required for developing tourism, saying that the government is making a lot of efforts in this regard.

On banking, he said: “Development of tourism industry requires settling banking-related issues”.

Today’s political status contributes to attracting tourists more than before, said Dr Rouhani, adding: “Government has invested immensely for Iran’s security”.


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