We won’t let U.S. devour Iranian nation’s $2bn/Six countries warning U.S. over JCPOA a victory for Iran/U.S. promised to reform the process/We will deal firmly with any violation in JCPOA/Countries acknowledge Iran’s effective, incomparable role

Upon arrival at Tehran, President Rouhani told reporters about the achievements of his eight-day trip to Venezuela, Cuba and New York.

Fri 23 - September 2016 - 16:48

“General Assembly is important to us in that heads of states and their representatives attend the event and we can explain our country’s stances in the form of speeches, meetings and interviews, despite the enemies’ propaganda,” said President Rouhani on Friday.

Mentioning his three speeches in New York, Dr Rouhani said: “In the speeches, our stances and viewpoints were explained, just as what we did in interviews”.

"In most of these meetings, our regional and international stances were explained and we talked about some Islamic countries in the region, such as Saudi Arabia, which unfortunately has violated its Islamic and human principles,” continued Rouhani.

He also referred to JCPOA saying: “We also highlighted that all parties must fulfil their commitments in JCPOA”.

The United States was criticised in my address to the General Assembly, said the President, adding: “We will not let the U.S. government to devour Iranian people’s money and we will pursue the case in international courts and take back the money”.

Mentioning his meetings with 14 heads of states, he said: “We discussed regional issues, such as Yemen, Iraq and Libya and they acknowledged Iran’s incomparable and effective role in resolving regional issues”.

Everybody should use the post-JCPOA opportunity, said Dr Rouhani adding: “It is essential that the Iranian nation, especially entrepreneurs, should take advantage of this opportunity”.

On the formation of joint committee of 5+1, he said: “Based on the framework of JCPOA, if any of the seven countries violate or neglect their commitments, they will be notified first, and at the next phase, the issue will be discussed at the level of general managers and ministers”.

“This happened in the case of U.S. and all members decisively told Washington to reform the process and they promised to do so,” continued President.

On Venezuela and Non-Aligned Movement, he said: “During the visit to Venezuela, Iran’s stances were clearly explained during the 17th NAM Summit and had meetings with heads of eight states”.

He then referred to the achievements of Cuba visit and said: “I wanted to begin my first Latin American visit with Cuba, a country which stood against the U.S. in 1959 and continues to do so now”.

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