Elites, intellectuals should try to convince politicians of terrorism threats/JCPOA proved that complicated int’l issues solvable by dialogue/To fight terrorism, we should go to its formation roots

Stating that elites and intellectuals should try to convince politicians of terrorism threats, Dr Rouhani said: “In the current circumstances, the most important and crucial point is that some governments and politicians, who are doubtful of terrorism threats and harms, be convinced that combating terrorism and its roots is essential”.

Thu 22 - September 2016 - 11:00

“For years, the Islamic Republic of Iran was unjustly accused of something and my country’s people paid a heavy price for it. Therefore, we were very interested in having a frank and face-to-face dialogue with all major world powers about this important issue and let the IAEA comment on it,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with American elites and intellectuals late on Wednesday, local time on the sidelines of the 71st United Nations General Assembly in New York.

 “IAEA’s theory proved that the past accusations against Iran were baseless and therefore, the agency closed Iran’s case. This is a great moral victory for the Iranian nation and government that had been telling the truth to the public opinions of the world”.

He added: “JCPOA proved that it is possible to resolve a complicated international issue through dialogue and negotiation and reach a conclusion agreed by the parties involved”.

“Those who negotiated for months on the nuclear matter did a great job and this means that political and diplomacy power can bear fruits in complicated issues,” continued President.

He continued: “A true politician is someone who can stop wars and disputes before they happen, but if a politician enters war, both the policy and the politician have failed”.

Dr Rouhani also raised the question of how JCPOA will progress, and added: “The implementation process of JCPOA will reveal if we are loyal to our commitments or they will be used in favour of transitory interests”.

The President went on saying: “From its very first day, the Islamic Republic of Iran has not violated any of its commitments and we are loyal to our commitments in JCPOA, precisely implementing its provisions during the last 8 months”.

He also emphasized that it is necessary that all sides be completely committed to JCPOA, adding: “Regarding banking, the United States acted in two ways, sometimes showing positive signs and sometimes negative signs”.

“JCPOA is a very important issue, correct implementation of which can create a foundation for the next steps; but if it is not correctly implemented, it can reverse the progress, which will not be beneficial to anyone”.

He continued: “After Resolution 2231, JCPOA is an international agreement and therefore, violating it will be considered violating international commitments. Hence, all sides should be committed to its implementation”.

He then referred to terrorism in the region and the world and said: “Today, different countries around the world are dealing with terrorism and this scourge does not limit itself to one region like a virus and if it reproduces, it will spread to all communities”.

He also emphasised that the roots of terrorism is an important issue, adding: “Regarding terrorism, it is important that everybody think about the roots of terrorism”.

“Those who think that they can advance their political and regional interests by means of terrorism, are undoubtedly wrong,” continued President Rouhani.

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