European leaders should assure banks, insurance companies/No obstacle in Tehran-Paris ties

Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the French Republic met on the sidelines of the 71st UN General Assembly and stressed that JCPOA provisions must be fully and precisely implemented.

Wed 21 - September 2016 - 17:56

“We should not let achievements of JCPOA be undermined and all sides involved should show commitment to it and remind the parties of the agreement to fulfil their commitments completely,” said President Rouhani late on Tuesday, local time in New York on the sidelines of the 71st United Nations General Assembly.

Underscoring that fulfilling commitments will lead to sustainability, Dr Rouhani said: “During the implementation process, if a country wants to cause unconstructive limitations and extend its wishes to over its borders, it is not acceptable”.

He also stressed that after the long period of negotiating, nations and companies and the region should benefit from JCPOA, and added: “In doing so, European leaders should assure and guarantee banks and insurance companies for financial cooperation”.

Tehran-Paris ties should be further fostered, said President Rouhani adding: “Iran attaches great weight to its relations with France and there is no obstacle for development of economic, scientific, technical and political ties with France”.

“We should use the post-JCPOA opportunity to the benefit of the two nations in economic and technological fields,” continued Rouhani.

He also referred to terrorism and continued: “The same violent and merciless terrorists who have brought insecurity to our region, can extend it to other parts of the world and Islamic Iran is ready to cooperate more with Europe, especially France, in combating terrorism and extremism”.

As one of the key victims of terrorism, Iran is ready to fight this global scourge and has responded positively to calls by other governments in the region to fight terrorism, said Rouhani.

He also mentioned the cases of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon and said: “Syria’s problems should be resolved only through political ways and combating terrorism, sustainable cease-fire, return of the displaced and humanitarian aid are the top priorities”.

“In Iraq, the government and the people should be helped to completely defeat terrorists and in Yemen, a country which has turned into a wreckage because of constant bombing, Europe and France are supposed to help restore peace to the people of this country,” added the President.

He also said that it is the Lebanese people’s right to elect a president as soon as possible.

“Iran is ready to cooperate with Europe and France to restore stability and security and resolve regional issues,” Dr Rouhani added.

President of France François Hollande also stressed that Tehran-Paris ties should be further developed and added: “JCPOA opportunities should be used to further deepen ties”.

On the need to cooperate regarding terrorism in the region, he said that Paris is ready to cooperate with Tehran with regard to Iran’s effective role in this matter.

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