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Dr Rouhani in a meeting with leaders of US Islamic community:

Emphasising commonalities key to protect Muslims’ interests/Islam the religion of rationality/Introducing true face of Islam to the world a great responsibility of Islamic intellectuals

Stressing the need to bolster unity and integrity in the Islamic world, Dr Rouhani said: “Today, the main principle for all Islamic governments and Muslim intellectuals is protecting and presenting the true face of Islam and to protect Muslims’ interests, we need to emphasise commonalities”.

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Wed 21 - September 2016 - 08:14

“Islam and Muslims have faced a lot of problems during the past decades but, at all historical points, intellectuals of Islam and true warriors have been able to defend Islam and Islamic culture well,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the leaders of US Islamic community on Tuesday evening, local time in New York.

Mentioning that history shows many wars imposed on Muslims, he said: “Muslims have been able to resist and overcome issues due to the rich culture of Islam”.

He also discussed the reasons some Muslim youths believe that they should distance from Islamic teachings and continued: “This is all because of misguided understanding of Islam and religious teachings of terrorist and takfiri groups”.

“Introducing true face of Islam to the world is a great responsibility of Islamic intellectuals,” Rouhani added.

On social and cyber networks, he said: “Although these communication means can create cultural problems for the youth, they can be used as a means to advance lofty goals as well”.

“Unfortunately, some Islamic governments are not fulfilling their duties in dealing with the current crises and some of them are influenced by domination-seeking powers and this has complicated the issues,” he said.

Dr Rouhani added: “Today, we have no way other than alerting our youth and introduce them the true face of Islam”.

He also stressed that all Islamic intellectuals should emphasise their religious commonalities and strengthen them.

“Without a doubt, for all those who are against Islam, Shia of Sunni does not make any difference and they work against both, as today terrorist groups are slaughtering Shias, Sunnis and Christians in the region,” continued the President.

news id: 95319

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