Iran enjoying positive economic atmosphere a commitment stated in JCPOA/We will keep to our promises until the other side does so/European gov’ts should assure major banks to cooperate with Iran

The JCPOA is a great development and a symbol for resolving disagreements, as well as a base for cooperation and all sides should be committed to timely and exact implement their commitments, said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Prime Minister of Britain Theresa May.

Wed 21 - September 2016 - 07:41

“Iran has so far completely fulfilled its commitments stated in JCPOA and we will keep to our promises until the other sides does so,” said President Rouhani on Tuesday evening, local time in New York on the sidelines of the 71st United Nations General Assembly at United Nations headquarters.

He added: “Unless some technical issues regarding banking and insurance are settled, the other side’s commitments have not been fulfilled and thee European governments should assure major banks in cooperating with Iran; therefore, London can take the main step in this regard”.

Expressing satisfaction over development of Tehran-London ties in recent years, Dr Rouhani said: “We can overcome negative historical mindsets through mutual respect and emphasis on cooperation in favour of mutual interest”.

He continued: “We witnessed the result of the two countries’ cooperation in recent years in nuclear negotiations and today there is an opportunity for cementing economic, political and cultural ties, taping which is beneficial to both nations”.

On regional issues, President said: “Our region has complicated issues and there is no way other than political ways to resolve them”.

“Iran is ready to cooperate with EU, Britain and other countries of the region to work for stability and security, especially in Syria, Iraq and Yemen,” Rouhani added.

Prime Minister of Britain Theresa May also expressed happiness over developing economic and political relations and said: “We welcome and support developing ties with Tehran in all fields”.

“London will continue supporting JCPOA and believes that the two sides should remain committed to the agreements made,” she added.

She also said: “Britain will send a banking delegation for negotiations and technical cooperation with Iran's Central Bank”.

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