Martyrs, veterans' devotion a source of pride for nation/Iranian nation to foil all conspiracies with Supreme Leader's guidance

"Martyrs and wounded veterans' devotion is a source of respect for the Islamic Republic of Iran and pride for the noble Iranian nation," said President Rouhani while visiting wounded war veteran with 70% disability.

Thu 15 - September 2016 - 00:05

In the visit that took place late on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani addressed the veteran saying: "What you did is very valuable and great because wounded veterans and martyrs of the Sacred Defence era defended the land at the time when the whole world was supporting Saddam regime".

"God gave you and the Iranian nation the opportunity to protect the country and the nation's respect under the umbrella of Islam, and His assistance".

Praising the veteran for his patience, Dr Rouhani added: "This is very praiseworthy and respectable and no one but God can reward this patience".

"I pray to the Almighty to give us the opportunity to walk on the path of late Imam Khomeini (RA) and I have no doubt that the Iranian nation will foil all conspiracies with the guidance of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution," continued the President.

In this visit that Vice-President in Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Hojatoleslam Val-Moslemin Shahidi was attending, a plaque of appreciation was given to the wounded war veteran.

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