Martyrs’ devotion, self-sacrifice praiseworthy/Iranian nation will always be grateful of martyrs’ families

President Rouhani visited Haj Hossein Arab-Sorkhi, the father of three martyrs -Mohsen, Mojtaba and Mohammadreza- and prayed for his health, while saluting him for his devotion.

Thu 15 - September 2016 - 00:04

In the visit that took place late on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani said: “You did a great thing and will definitely be rewarded by the Almighty”.

“A father who has sacrificed his three sons in the path of God, is respected in both worlds and, without a doubt, the noble Iranian nation is grateful of the great families of martyrs and will always defend their bloods,” said Rouhani.

In this visit that Vice-President in Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Hojatoleslam Val-Moslemin Shahidi was attending, a plaque of appreciation was given to the family of the martyrs.

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