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President in cabinet session:

Gov’t, system not to abandon Mina martyrs’ blood/Saudi gov’t bad record intensified by blocking roads to God/Regional, global countries take coordinated measures to discipline Saudi gov’t/Commemorating Black Friday martyrs

The government and the whole political system of the Islamic Republic of Iran will never abandon the Mina catastrophe martyrs’ blood and will continue to follow up the issue both legally and politically, said President Rouhani in a cabinet session on Wednesday.

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Wed 07 - September 2016 - 12:53

He added: “Saudi government has intensified its bad record this year by blocking the path to God”, referring to last year’s incident in Mina, calling it “incompetence from the side of Hajj organisers”.

Those gained beautiful titles because of holy shrines should know that their main duty is to actually respect these shrines and the pilgrims, he said.

“Last year a great number of pilgrims and Muslims, especially innocent Iranian pilgrims died and the Saudi government should be held accountable for this but unfortunately, they have not even spoken any word of apology”.

Dr Rouhani continued: “Countries in the region and across the world should take coordinated measures to discipline Saudi government”.

“Of course, if the only problem with the Saudi government was the Mina incident, we may have been able to find a solution for that and put it on the right track, but unfortunately, it is committing crimes in the region and supporting terrorism, shedding Muslims’ blood in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and bombarding innocent women and children in Yemen”.

Commemorating Black Friday -8 September 1978- martyrs, he also said: “We hope that we can defend the blood of our Sacred Defence and the Revolution martyrs”.

news id: 95077

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