All ministries, public and state institutions required to strictly implement census/Orderly census needs serious gov’t-people cooperation/Dear compatriots cooperate with census takers

President Rouhani instructed all ministries, organisations, public organs, state institutes under the government and governmental organisations, as well as provincial governments to cooperate with the Statistical Centre in implementing the coming census strictly.

Mon 05 - September 2016 - 13:56

Dr Rouhani also stressed that orderly implementation of the census needs serious cooperation between the government and the people to have a real picture of the society.

In this order, the President also wrote: “We hope that our dear compatriots cooperate with the census takers to let the Statistical Centre gather precise information which helps us plan and decide for achieving the goals of the 20-year Prospective Document and implement the policies of Resistive Economy”.

At the end of his letter, Dr Rouhani also wished success for the Iranian nation and all people involved in serving the Iranian nation.

General census is set to be carried out in September and October.

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