Iran, Pakistan each other’s strategic depth/Stressing Tehran-Islamabad ties development

“Iran and Pakistan are each other’s strategic depth and Tehran welcomes development of ties with Islamabad in all fields, especially economy,” said President Rouhani while receiving credentials of the new ambassador of Pakistan to Tehran on Sunday.

Sun 28 - August 2016 - 11:44

In the ceremony that was held on Sunday, Dr Rouhani received Ambassador Asif Ali Khan Durrani’s credentials and said: “Good relations between the two nations and governments has laid the groundwork for development of economic ties between the two countries”.

He also emphasised that signed agreements between the two countries should be implemented as soon as possible.

Stressing that terrorist groups’ activities are not in accordance with Islamic, moral and human standards, President also said that joint efforts should be made to ensure security in borders and the region.

“Combatting terrorist groups is not an easy task and we deduce that there is enough resolve and power in the Pakistani army and armed forces to fight terrorists,” he continued.

On the importance of cultural relations, Rouhani also said: “Iran and Pakistan have common cultures and they should develop cultural, academic and scientific ties, as well as cooperation in the field of Persian language.

After presenting his credentials to President Rouhani, Ambassador Asif Ali Khan Durrani said: “We hope economic ties between the two countries develop to a level as high as the existing political ties”.

He also said that the government of Pakistan is ready to develop its ties with Tehran in all fields, such as combatting terrorism.

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