Champions who competed for Iran’s excellence respectable/Gov’t to continue supporting sport/I’m sure Iranian youths will always bring honour by hope, innovation

“Iranian athletes demonstrated our dear nation’s self-confidence, honour and ethics in the Olympic Games,” wrote President Rouhani in a message to Iran’s Rio 2016 Olympic team upon their arrival.

Thu 25 - August 2016 - 20:48

In the message that was sent on Thursday, Dr Rouhani added: “The Government of Prudence and Hope will continue its effective support of sport in different championship and public fields”.

“I welcome you to the country on behalf of Iranian people and appreciate Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, National Olympic Committee, sports federations, veterans, managers, media, coaches and all people involved,” wrote the President.

He continued: “I am certain that proud Iranian youths will always bring honour to the Islamic Iran through hope and innovation”.

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