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President in a ceremony marking Doctor’s Day:

Healthcare Reform Plan to continue powerfully/Not anyone behind a podium can make laws/Ingratitude towards dignitaries, public servants problematic/No minister should retreat when faced with pressure

A society that does not show gratitude towards its dignitaries and public servants will face problems, said President Rouhani in a ceremony on Monday marking Doctor’s Day.

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Mon 22 - August 2016 - 14:34

Appreciating all doctors’ efforts, Dr Rouhani said: “You doctors and specialists have taken big steps in science and knowledge, as well as elevating Iran’s scientific position in the world and bring Iranians pride and respect throughout the world”.

On Healthcare Reform Plan, President said: “Healthcare reform Plan will continued along its path powerfully”.

Despite the fact that our neighbouring countries were facing hardships last year, we managed to maintain the decreasing trend in inflation, said Rouhani.

The President continued: “Continuation and completion of the Healthcare Reform Plan needs our doctors’ devotion, morality, activeness and skills more than money”.

Mentioning that health and security are two great blessings, he said: “A big part of security depends on health and our medical society highly contribute to our society’s health and psychological security”.

“Trust between people and the political system as a whole, people and the government, people and the ministries, people and medical universities and professors are great social assets that we should be grateful of and attempt to strengthen”.

Stressing that the government welcomes fair criticism, Dr Rouhani added: “There are respectable people in great Iranian society, whose tainted status can lead to people’s lives tainted”.

“How can one use any word against a caring diplomat who has sincerely spent 30 months of hard work for their country? Is there anyone more caring than the medical society who visit patients with all the kindness and sincerity? We must defend our noble Iranian and Islamic moralities and culture and respect those who provide the society with services,” continued Rouhani.

He also said that the government backs people’s access to cyberspace and added: “Unfortunately, this has drawbacks; when put in this space, some use incorrect words and terminologies against respected groups of the society such as doctors and artists”.

Stating that respecting the law is important, President Rouhani referred to objections to holding concerts and said: “In our country, there is only one parliament as the law-making assembly and anyone behind a podium cannot make laws. Ministers cannot observe these wishes, but rather they must obey the law”.

“No minister should retreat when they are faced with pressure,” said Dr Rouhani adding: “Lawlessness in the name of religion is worse and we are proud that our country is the country of law”.

news id: 94828

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