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President in a ceremony marking the Day of Defence Industry:

Gap with world industry must be filled day by day/Building national turbojet engine a big step in aviation industry/Defence industry credit more than doubled/Our defensive power supports regional stability/We seek friendship with all neighbours

Describing the spirit of faith, Jihad and believing in abilities as the foundation of Iran’s victory and authority, Dr Rouhani said on Sunday: “Gap with world industry must be lessened day by day”.

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Sun 21 - August 2016 - 13:53

Building national turbojet engine is a big step in aviation industry of the country, said Rouhani in a ceremony marking the Day of Defence Industry.

Dr Rouhani added: “Defence industry credit has more than doubled and this indicates that the government puts armed forces and defensive capabilities in its priority list, even during hardships”.

“Brave leader, integrated nation and powerful armed forces laid the ground for powerful negotiations,” he continued.

We protected our own stability and security and helped our regional neighbours in hard times, said Rouhani adding: “If it weren’t for Iran’s help, no one knows what could happen, to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon”.

Referring to his first letter to the Supreme Leader regarding S-300 missile defence system, President Rouhani said: “Today, the arrival of S-300 systems in Iran is keyword for the world and it shows that we are able to buy and make our needed weapons”.

“Our message to our neighbours is that our defensive power and capabilities are not detrimental to them; we are working to the benefits of all Muslims”.

He also expressed hope that “those few countries that have chosen a wrong path and think that they can achieve something through promoting chaos in the region using terrorists understand that they are making mistakes ad come back”.

Dr Rouhani added: “We want to help all those countries that are resisting against terrorists and aggressors and we consider this as a humane, Islamic and revolutionary duty”.

Stating that the Defence Ministry had a prominent role in realisation of JCPOA, he said: “We are grateful of efforts by those involved in the defence industry”.

He also said: “It has been proved to the whole world that accusations against Iran on making WMDs were baseless” adding that resolving PMD case and JCPOA was Iranian nation’s technical and moral victory and that Iran proved that our enemies were lying.

Defensive power is the driving force on the country’s industry, said the President, adding: “Our defensive power guarantees regional stability and we seek friendly relations with all our neighbouring countries”.

news id: 94811

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