Protecting people’s peace, security intelligence services’ goal/Ministry of Intelligence should have a role in using JCPOA outcomes

Protecting people’s peace and security is intelligence services’ goal and the government has considered this an aim from its first day in office, said President Rouhani at a meeting with the Minister and personnel of the Ministry of Intelligence.

Wed 17 - August 2016 - 21:09

Stressing moderation, Dr Rouhani said: “Going to extremes in intelligence work, like any other work, is detrimental. We should neither let any infiltration happen and be careful and vigilant of misuses, nor close the ways of using economic and scientific opportunities”.

“Today with the help of the supreme leader and people’s support, we have established our presence in science, technology and global market of nuclear energy,” said Dr Rouhani, mentioning that the opponents of JCPOA could not achieve their goals.

The President added: “Ministry of Intelligence should have a role in using JCPOA outcomes, as it had a role in its realisation”.

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