Building up trust, hope a national duty/Nuclear sanctions failed to stop enrichment in Iran/After JCPOA $5 billion investment made, soaring/We won’t reach out for help from outsiders

“Building up trust and hope is a national duty,” said President Rouhani at the session of administrative council of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad on Monday, adding that government’s achievement is beholden to people’s support and the supreme leader’s guidance.

Mon 15 - August 2016 - 11:23

Stressing that JCPOA does not only mean lift of sanctions, he said: “During the nuclear negotiations, I was continuously telling the negotiating team that the foundations of the sanctions, such as PMD should be eradicated”.

“The ultimate goal of designers of nuclear sanctions was to stop enrichment in Iran but they failed,” said Dr Rouhani, adding that today the world takes Iran’s nuclear activities seriously and acknowledges it”.

He added: “Today we can buy Yellow Cake and sell heavy water easily and currently we are discussing terms of renovation of Arak site”.

“The more secure and peaceful internal atmosphere, the more others trust to invest in Iran; and the more we argue, investors will lose their trust for investment”.

Stating that “we won’t reach out for help from outsiders”, he said: “We only reach out for help from God and my hope for future is elevating day by day”.

“After JCPOA $5 billion investment has been made and this figure is mounting to a point that today we are seeing better conditions for work and attracting domestic and foreign investment that should be made the best use of”.

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