We need progress, opportunity, economic interaction for prosperity/We have a powerful nation, supreme leader; no one has the right to sow despair in society/Entire world acknowledges Iran’s effective role in regional stability

Resistive Economy means authoritative economy and the government’s goal is realisation of 5% growth in year 1395 (the current year), said President Rouhani at the session of development and investment of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad late on Sunday.

Sun 14 - August 2016 - 22:49

Referring to 8.8% economic growth in industry in the first three months of the current year, he said: “These figures in macroeconomic sector indicate that a good path has been chosen”.

“Banks should be more active and we are responsible to help them and prepare a better atmosphere for them to work in. Interest rates of banking facilities should be normalised,” continued Rouhani.

He said: “Government is determined to settle its debts to contractors; we call on Majlis to aid us by approving the bill faster”.

The first step is to use domestic investment, said Dr Rouhani adding: “We have attracted $5 billion certain investments after the JCPOA”.

Stressing employment, he continued: “Employment is not possible without economic growth. We need progress, opportunity and economic interaction for prosperity”.

“Production means worshipping God, but some think that investment and entrepreneurship are the only ways of making profit but creating jobs for families is more important than this,” he said.

Dr Rouhani added: “Mutual regional cooperation improves Iran’s position and creates opportunities of the economy”.

He continued: “We have a powerful nation and supreme leader; no one has the right to sow despair in the society. Resistive Economy means authoritative economy”.

“Entire world acknowledges Iran’s effective role in regional stability,” he went on saying.

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