Government-people mutual trust the biggest asset/Tangible increase in export over import an honour for the nation/We all are indebted to veterans’ self-sacrifice/Ministers to supervise implementation of Resistive Economy in provinces

“Mutual trust between the government and the people is the biggest asset of the country”, said Dr Rouhani at a meeting with clerics, elites and veterans of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province on Sunday.

Sun 14 - August 2016 - 20:11

“Tangible increase in export over import is not the government’s honour, but an honour for the nation,” added Rouhani.

He continued: “Daring to criticise is essential and daring to slander and lie is against God’s will”.

“Government and president being criticised freely, and sometimes even beyond the bounds of ethics, is an honour,” president went on saying.

He then stated: “Expressing faults should not lead to ignoring efforts made by those who work hard for the society”.

We all are indebted to veterans’ self-sacrifice, said Dr Rouhani adding: “Our current independence and territorial integrity is because of the 8-year Sacred Defence”.

On the importance of implementation of Resistive Economy policies, he said: “Ministers will be tasked with supervising implementation of Resistive Economy in provinces”.

Referring to the economic growth in the recent months, he said: “JCPOA was a great work done by our great nation, not the negotiating parties. Selling oil in any amount to anyone we want is people’s right achieved through JCPOA. People did not let unjust and imposed sanctions last”.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned the gold medal achieved by Iranian weightlifters in Rio Olympics 2016, and said: “We all should be happy and proud about national honours and openings and use these opportunities well”.

“Provincial tour’s goal is to decrease and remove problems”, said President Rouhani adding: “People’s kindness makes it difficult for the officials to carry out their duties”.

At the end of his speech, Dr Rouhani said that Imam Reza’s (AS) migration is the source of excellence for Iran, and added: “The 8th Imam founded free thinking seats”.

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