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President Rouhani while receiving Cuban President’s written message:

Iran, Cuba determined to cement ties in all fields/Practical steps should be taken for further Tehran-Havana relations

The First Vice-President of Cuba delivered the written message of Cuban President Raúl Castro to President Rouhani on Saturday, in which Castro expressed willingness to develop ties with Iran.

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Sat 13 - August 2016 - 14:06

“Cultural commonalities of the two revolutionary Iranian and Cuban nations has led to firm ties between the two governments after the Islamic Revolution, contributing to the two countries’ support of each other in international communities,” said Dr Rouhani in a meeting with First Vice-President of Cuba Ricardo Cabrisas Ruíz.

Thanking Cuban President for his message, President Rouhani said: “After the nuclear agreement, the groundwork is set for development of cultural and economic ties between the two countries and we should tap this opportunity”.

He also stressed that ties should be fostered in the fields of health and biotechnology, adding: “Both countries should seek ways to forge ties in new areas, such as mutual, regional and global fields”.

On economic sanctions imposed by Washington on independent countries worldwide, Dr Rouhani said: “In the commercial and economic system of the world, international regulations, free trade and economic ties between countries should be met”.

He then referred to terrorism and interference of foreign powers in internal affairs of countries of the region and continued: “It is very important to the Islamic Republic of Iran that the people of the region can decide for themselves without direct and indirect meddling of foreigners in their affairs”.

Terrorism is a threat to the entire world, continued Rouhani, adding: “We are ready to discuss and consult with friend countries such as Cuba on important global and regional issues”.

Referring to the role of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in the global stage, President said: “I hope Iran and Cuba, as active members of this movement, can cooperate with each other and have more active role to bring about positive developments to the movement”.

In the same meeting, First Vice-President of Cuba Ricardo Cabrisas Ruíz, who was delivering the written message of President Castro, said: “As President Castro has stipulated in his written message, Havana seeks further development of ties with Tehran by removing the obstacles on the way”.

He also congratulated Iran’s success in nuclear negotiations with P5+1 and said: “Cuba considers JCPOA as a victory for the Iranian nation and government, as well as independent countries throughout the world”.

Expressing satisfaction over existing political relations between the two countries, he said that Cuba is seeking ways to develop cultural and economic ties as well.

Referring to restoration of Havana-Washington ties, Cabrisas said that this restoration of ties does not mean that ties are back to their normal state and the revolutionary and resistant people of Cuba very well know that this restoration of ties will not lead to U.S.’ hostility ended”.

news id: 94669

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